Support to Counsel

Support services to counsel include technical assistance in energy economics; strategic advice and analytical expertise; preparation of interrogatories, expert evidence; and assistance with case theory, cross-examination and final argument.

TGG offers two main areas of expert support services to counsel:

Regulatory Assistance: TGG offers expert support to counsel in regulatory cases and throughout the hearing process. We often work very closely with counsel and clients over a number of years. In addition to expert testimony and technical assistance to counsel in energy economics, TGG offers technical assistance in many areas of energy regulation. TGG has provided regulatory assistance to counsel with regard to the economic development (notably jobs) impacts of hydroelectric development and oil pipelines, energy market analysis, Canada-US energy trade and evolving North American energy markets. We are experienced in reviewing, explaining and responding to expert testimony filed by energy companies. We can file interrogatory requests, submit expert testimony, assist counsel with cross-examination, and stand up to energy companies' legal teams.

Litigation Support: TGG offers similar support to counsel in the context of litigation cases involving energy issues. TGG has worked closely with legal teams throughout multi-year litigation cases. We have provided litigation support to counsel with regard to Canada-US energy trade, hydroelectric system operations and the need for various energy supply options.