Energy and Regulatory Economics

TGG has conducted research and consulted in energy economics and regulation for over 20 years for clients throughout North America. Energy consulting services include the preparation of economic studies, policy assessments, white papers, expert evidence, intervenor and litigation support. Key areas of specialization include:

Frequently, clients may require a combination of these specializations in the context of a large and complex project. For example, TGG was retained by the Pimicikamak Cree Nation to assess the need for the proposed Wuskatim hydroelectric generating station and transmission project in Manitoba. To perform this assessment, TGG utilized its expertise in utility system planning and operations, large infrastructure project assessment, Canada-US energy trade and transmission, and the evolving North American electric and gas markets.

In assessing the economic and environmental impacts of the proposed Great Whale hydroelectric project in Quebec, TGG used similar specializations. Moreover, TGG also examined the economic development impact of investing in increased energy efficiency options rather than building the Great Whale project and concluded increased energy efficiency would be more economically beneficial to the province. TGG's wide-ranging efforts over the 1989-1994 period were instrumental in Hydro-Quebec's eventual cancellation of the uneconomic Great Whale project.