Ian Goodman

Ian Goodman is President and founder of The Goodman Group, Ltd. For over 40 years, he has conducted research and consulted in energy regulation and economics (related to conventional, unconventional and renewable energy, and energy efficiency). His practice has addressed a broad range of issues, including economic development and environmental impacts of large energy supply, infrastructure and transportation projects (including pipelines), North American and global oil, gas, coal and electricity markets, as well as regulation of natural gas and electricity. He also has expertise in the planning and operations of energy systems, as well as interjurisdictional energy trade in North America.

Since 2011, his practice has focused on fossil fuel supply (notably shale oil and gas, Canadian tar sands and coal) and transportation logistics (including pipelines, rail and transloading facilities). Mr. Goodman has co-authored reports and expert testimony on the most controversial oil, gas and coal projects in North America, including crude oil pipelines (Keystone XL, Enbridge Line 9B, Trans Mountain Expansion Project), natural gas pipelines (Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project and PennEast) and energy logistics facilities (Millennium Bulk Terminals (coal), Vancouver Energy Distribution Terminal (crude) and Kalama Manufacturing & Marine Export Facility (shale gas/methanol)).

He has provided expert evidence in over 50 regulatory, environmental assessment, and legal proceedings in various North American jurisdictions including California, Washington, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, New York, New Jersey, three New England states, Florida, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and before the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) and the Canadian Energy Regulator (CER), and United States District Courts. He has also assisted counsel in those and other proceedings. His clients comprise governments (including Indigenous and tribal authorities) and regulators, environmental, public interest and customer groups, start-ups and energy sector companies. Mr. Goodman is the author or co-author of over 60 publications and major reports relating to the energy industry.

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Since founding TGG in 1989, repeatedly recognized key shifts in energy markets, years before these shifts were widely accepted, including: the US fracking boom and other emerging market conditions resulting in economic challenges for Canadian tar sands/pipelines, financial assurance risks for pipelines, intensifying economic disadvantages for US thermal coal exports.

Produced over 50 national, regional, and state/provincial expert reports on the economic and environmental impacts of various energy options, infrastructure and systems throughout the US and Canada.

Prepared highly influential and widely publicized Keystone XL employment impact analysis, demonstrating to the Obama Administration and the US media that KXL would not be a major job creator.

Retained as an expert witness by Washington State Office of the Attorney General (AGO) in Lighthouse Resources, Inc., et al. v. Jay Inslee, et al. before the US District Court (W.D. Wash.).