UrbanX Renewables Group

Our renewables focus is expanding: TGG is providing expert consulting to UrbanX, which is building the first facility to produce ultra-low carbon renewable diesel from waste cooking oils. UrbanX’s petroleum-free crude will reduce the lifecycle GHGs by 85% compared to conventional diesel (ULSD). TGG’s President, Ian Goodman, has recently been appointed SVP and CFO of UrbanX, bringing 40 years of experience in energy regulation, finance and economics, as well as in-depth expertise in crude markets, technology and permitting.

Via a unique proprietary process, UrbanX converts high-acid, waste-grade, cost-effective fat, oil, and grease into high yields of 100% drop-in, very-low-carbon-intensity hydrocarbon fuels that meet or exceed petroleum fuels specifications. XRD, the renewable diesel end product, can seamlessly replace conventional diesel and is ready to use as-is. It can be blended with conventional diesel in any amount and used with existing infrastructure and diesel engines.

In September 2021, UrbanX signed the Climate Pledge, an initiative co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism, in which signatories commit to net zero carbon by 2040. Through participation in the Climate Pledge, UrbanX joins 200 other business leaders across the globe working together to address the climate crisis and decarbonize the economy. Signatories include Verizon, Best Buy, Visa, Microsoft, Unilever, JetBlue Airways, Deloitte, Accenture and Uber.

TGG is pleased to be contributing our expertise and experience to help position UrbanX as an important player in the green energy transition.

Photo courtesy of UrbanX Renewables Group