Syncrude Plant in Alberta Tar Sands

Economic Development and Environmental Impact

Big energy projects can have significant economic development and environmental impacts. Since 1991, TGG has conducted over 50 national, regional, and state/provincial studies on the economic and environmental impacts of energy projects throughout North America. We provide rigorous analysis of economic development claims (particularly employment impacts), weighed against plausible estimates of environmental impacts. Related Projects Millennium Bulk


Energy Supply and Transportation

TGG analyzes conventional, unconventional and renewable energy supply, as well its energy transportation. From mega-hydro projects in the 1980s to large crude oil pipelines of the 21st century, we work on the most challenging, complex and controversial energy projects in North America. For the last decade, TGG has focused on fossil fuel supply (shale oil


Energy and Regulatory Economics

Our team uses economic frameworks to analyze complex energy issues, projects and markets. We have expertise in cost-benefit analysis (particularly related to economic development and environmental impacts); energy markets (regional, national and global); Canada-US energy trade and transportation; regional economics; economic geography; and regulatory economics. We also have technical expertise in energy system planning and

Support to Counsel

Support to Counsel and Expert Testimony

TGG has decades of experience providing expert witness services, including expert reports and expert testimony on energy issues. In addition, we collaborate closely with lawyers and other intervenors, offering both litigation support and assistance in regulatory cases. We offer assistance with deposition, interrogatories, cross-examination, brief/final argument, policy assessment and research. Support services to counsel also