Since 1989, TGG has been providing energy economics expertise on the most challenging, complex and controversial energy projects in North America. For the last decade, our practice has focused on fossil fuel supply (shale oil and gas, Canadian tar sands and coal) and transportation (pipelines, rail and terminals). TGG has proven to be highly effective and nimble, particularly in supporting lawyers and intervenors against large and highly resourced opponents in long-term and high-profile legal and regulatory disputes.

We have a proven track record of repeatedly recognizing key shifts in energy markets, years before these shifts become widely accepted, including:

  • the need for deep and rapid decarbonization of the economy to address the climate emergency
  • the US fracking boom and other emerging and dynamic conditions, which transformed the North American crude markets and led to increasing economic challenges for Canadian tar sands and pipelines
  • financial assurance risks associated with crude oil pipelines
  • intensifying economic challenges and structural disadvantages for US thermal coal exports.

TGG has produced expert reports on crude oil pipelines (Keystone XL, Enbridge Line 9B, Trans Mountain Expansion Project, DAPL), natural gas pipelines (Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) Project and PennEast) and energy logistics facilities (Millennium Bulk Terminal (coal), Vancouver Energy Distribution Terminal (crude) and Kalama Manufacturing & Marine Export Facility (shale gas/methanol)).

TGG’s four main practice areas include:

TGG’s core team of experts, Ian Goodman and Brigid Rowan, provides energy consulting services related to regulation and economics (conventional, unconventional and renewable energy, and energy efficiency). These services include expert reports, testimony, intervenor and litigation support (assistance with deposition, interrogatories, cross-examination, brief/final argument, policy assessment and research). We collaborate closely with lawyers, intervenors and other technical experts, as needed. Our North-American-wide client base comprises governments (including Indigenous and tribal authorities) and regulators, environmental, public interest and customer groups, and energy sector companies.