Guess where Quebec gets its oil, National Observer ($)

By Carl Meyer β€’ November 13th 2018

This graphic shows how the supply of oil to Quebec’s refineries changed between 2012 and 2017, following the reversal in flow of the Line 9 pipeline. The eastern end of Line 9 is also shown in Montreal. (Graphic by National Observer/Carl Meyer)

The supply of oil going to Quebec refineries has undergone a dramatic transformation in less than six years.

While the province got most of its oil from overseas in 2012, the situation had flipped by 2017, with most of the supply now coming from North American producers. On top of that, Western Canada is now the Central Canadian province’s top source of crude.

The shift away from overseas imports is partly due to a 2015 reversal in the direction oil is delivered through Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline, according to a new analysis by the National Bank of Canada. The analysis, first reported by Radio-Canada, also attributed the shift to increased production of U.S. shale oil. MORE >>

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